44174 Poudre Canyon Rd ~ Bellvue, CO 80512

(970) 881-2272

Store hours:  7:00 am to 9:00 pm in season 7 days a week.  Winter hours are 8:00 am to 6:oo pm.

Sportsman’s Lodge is located on West Highway 14, in the Poudre Canyon of Colorado. The scenic Cache La Poudre River is across the highway from the resort. Your drive to Sportsman’s is a definitely a scenic one. You will come through the Narrows where the river rushes down the canyon on the left side of the highway. You’ll see many rock outcroppings and wonder how the rocks stay there. On up the canyon, watch for Profile Rock, a face in the rocks overlooking the highway on the left side. Next you’ll pass the Arrowhead Lodge Visitor’s Center on the right side of the highway. All the way to Sportsman’s Lodge be sure to watch for the big horn sheep, elk, deer and moose along with eagles flying overhead.

Ahhhh… you’re at Sportsman’s Lodge, ready to begin making those lifelong memories with family and friends.


There is still plenty of time for your summer vacation. Call Sportsman's Lodge to book your vacations now and let us help make your vacation a memerable one! There are several lakes and the Poudre River and Larime river to fish in. Lots of trails to hike, lots of moose, elk and deer and even golden eagles to view and take pictures of. We offer a camp fire in the evenings for everyone to share.

Our number is 1-970-881-2272. Get your reservation while there are still cabins available!

We look forward to hearing from YOU!!

Hospitality at it best...
Bob & Sherrie Conley