Hiking Trails

You can stop by the Moose Center you can purchase a Trail Map for even more information and additional trails in the area to enjoy.  Do not liter and do not pick flowers or collect natural items.  Remember to be courteous to other users on the trails.  You should stay on the center of the the trail, moving to the uphill side to let other pass and let others know before you pass them.

Here is a list of trails that our guests enjoy when staying with us, along with a map of them.


Beaver Lodge Nature Trail

Easy Trails
Gould Loop Trail
Permitted uses: Foot, horse, bike, ski and snowshoe
Miles:  6.5 miles round-trip
Elevation: 9,400 feet
Elevation gain:  240 feet
Comments:  The loop trail starts either at the Moose Visitor Center or at Ranger Lakes and parallels the middle fork of the MI River. Great moose habitat along the trail. Fly & lure fishing permitted in Michigan River.
Michigan Ditch Trail
Permitted uses: Foot, ski and snowshoe
Miles: 6.5 miles one-way summer
Elevation: 10,276 feet
Elevation gain:  224 feet
Comments: Easy hike offers great views of Nokhu Crags and Diamond Peaks.  From the top of Cameron Pass, the trail follows a service road for a water ditch and ends just below Lake Agnes.
Mountain View Nature Trail - Self Guided Nature Trail
Permitted uses: Foot
Miles: 1.0 round trip
Elevation: 8,850 feet
Elevation gain:  0 feet
Comments: This is an interpretive nature trail with several numbered stops and nice views.  In late spring and early summer the wildflowers are spectacular.  Numbered markers along the trail match a self guiding nature brochure.

Lake Agnes Trail

Ranger Lakes Trail - Self Guided Nature Trail
Permitted uses: Foot
Miles:  1.5 miles round-trip
Elevation: 9,280 feet
Elevation gain:  100 feet
Comments: Access from Ranger Lakes Day Use parking lot or Campground. Numbered markers along the trail match a self-guiding nature brochure. Anglers use trail to access Ranger Lakes. Bait fishing is permitted at these lakes, a very popular family use area.
Moderate Trails
American Lakes Trail
Permitted uses: Foot, horse, bike, ski, snowshoe and snowmobile
Miles:  5.5 miles one-way summer / 8.5 miles one-way winter
Elevation: 9,520 feet
Elevation gain:  1520 feet
Comments: Trail ends at American Lakes with options over Thunder Pass into RMNP or up to Snow Lake. Spectacular views w/fly & lure fishing permitted. A great backpack trip. Fires prohibited above timberline.
Beaver Lodge Nature Trail - Self Guided Nature Trail
Permitted uses: Foot
Miles: 1.1 miles one way summer / 2.5 miles one way winter
Elevation: start at 8,800 feet start – 8,850 Mid – end at 8,800
Comments: Trail  climbs gradually and offers a close up look at the forest and riparian area.  Great place to see moose and beaver lodges.
Lake Agnes Trail
Permitted uses: Foot, ski and snowshoe
Miles: .8 of a mile one-way summer / 2.5 miles one-way winter
Elevation: 10,320 feet
Elevation gain:  400 feet (summer) 1000 feet (winter)
Comments: Short hike into the Lake Agnes scenic area. Spectacular views of Nokhu Crags. Fly and lure fishing at Lake Agnes. Historic cabin located at the trail head. No camping or fires permitted.

Montgomery Pass Trail

Kelly and Clear Lake Trails
Permitted uses: Foot, horse, bike, ski, snowshoe and snowmobile
Miles:  6.5 miles one-way for Kelly, 7 miles one-way for Clear
Elevation: 8,505 feet
Elevation gain: 2000+ feet
Comments: Great for backpackers and horseback riders. Both share the first 1.5 miles and lead to the high alpine lakes w/ spectacular views. Fly & lure fishing permitted. No fires above timberline. Access the N. Canadian Yurt & Hidden Valley Trail.
Difficult Trails
Mendenhall Trail
Permitted uses: Foot, horse, bike, motorcycle and ATV
Miles:  4 miles one-way
Elevation: 8,500
Elevation gain:  1,000 feet
Comments: Trail partly paralles Mendenhall Road and is very difficult.  Starts on the Division of Wildlife area, crosses through State Forest State Park and ends at the National Forest Boundary.  Has great views and remoteness.
Montgomery Pass Road
Permitted uses: Foot, horse, bike, motorcycle, ATV, jeep, ski, snowshoe and snowmobile
Miles:  4 miles one-way summer / 6.5 miles one-way winter
Elevation: 9,020 feet
Elevation gain:  2430 feet
Comments: This trail is a true 4X4 drive experience. Vehicles will encounter lots of rock, dips and steep conditions. At it ends it’s only a short walk to the top of the ridge for spectacular views. Used to access Montgomery Pass Yurts & Trail. Dispersed camping.

There is still plenty of time for your summer vacation. Call Sportsman's Lodge to book your vacations now and let us help make your vacation a memerable one! There are several lakes and the Poudre River and Larime river to fish in. Lots of trails to hike, lots of moose, elk and deer and even golden eagles to view and take pictures of. We offer a camp fire in the evenings for everyone to share.

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